Vinyl Wraps for Kenmore, Washington

Vinyl vehicle wraps have revolutionized the world of customizable advertising. Reach Kenmore audiences in even greater numbers when you utilize the mobile advertising provided by a vinyl vehicle wrap. These high-quality, adhesive-backed vinyl films have become increasingly popular due to their versatility and durability and can be used as a powerful mobile marketing tool, offering a captivating way for your business to make a lasting impression on the road.

At Vinyl Lab Wraps, our products offer a wide range of possibilities, allowing commercial businesses to transform their cars, trucks, or even entire fleets into attention-grabbing mobile billboards or stunning works of art. With a vast selection of colors, finishes, and textures, our North End location, Vinyl Lab NW, can provide your commercial business with endless design options, from bold and vibrant hues to sleek metallic finishes. Not only do they offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional paint jobs, but vinyl wraps also provide protection against scratches and UV damage, preserving the vehicle’s original paint.

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle’s shiny paint job, Vinyl Lab NW offers paint protection film services that will keep your commercial vehicle, sports car, or truck looking as good as new. We utilize top-of-the-line materials provided by STEK (Shield Technologies) to ensure that your vehicle’s paint job is protected from weather damage like fading or chipping.

If you know your advertising needs sprucing up but you’re not sure where to begin, our exceptional design team is available to assist you through each step in the process, from your first consultation to the finished product. Whether it’s a full-color change, a partial or full wrap, or simply a revamp in vinyl lettering, our talented team is dedicated to skillfully executing your vision. Our car wrap shop can make your vehicle advertising dreams come true, with company van wraps, business car stickers, company vehicle decals, ink vinyl wraps and more. Contact us today!

About Kenmore, WA

Located mere minutes from Seattle and the Eastside, Kenmore is known affectionately to locals as “Puget Sound’s best-kept secret”. Our city is blessed with a juxtaposition of the beautiful Pacific Northwest outdoors coupled with a thriving urban environment. We are proud to be a business-friendly city with no B & O tax and are home to innovative multi-generational companies like Kenmore Air and Kenmore Camera.

Being closely located to Puget Sound, locals and visitors alike are able to enjoy the stunning waterfront scenery of Lake Washington. Take advantage of Kenmore’s beautiful shoreline location on Lake Washington by investing in some waterborne advertising with a vinyl boat wrap from Vinyl Lab NW.

Vinyl Lab NW is proud to be a part of the fabric of businesses that serve the Kenmore, WA population with dedication, dependability, and skill.

Saint Edward State Park

Burke Gilman Paved Trail

Rhododendron Park

How Far is Kenmore from Seattle?

Kenmore is located approximately 13 miles north of Seattle. Depending on traffic, the drive from Seattle to Kenmore can be 26 minutes long.