Are vehicle wraps water resistant?

Our vinyl vehicle wraps are durable and built for all types of weather, from rain to snow to hail. We’re commonly asked if vehicle wraps are able to go through car washes. Although hand washing your vehicle is safer in preserving the vinyl wrap, a vehicle wrap can go through a brushless car wash.

How long do vehicle wraps last for?

Our vinyl vehicle wraps are made from premium materials so that they can last for years to come. On average, a vehicle wrap can last from 5-7 years, and even longer if they’re UV laminated and scratch resistant.

Do you install vehicle wraps yourself?

Our technicians install your vinyl wraps, to guarantee that your design is seamless and doesn’t hold any creases. When we install your wrap, it will not only save you time and effort, but ensures that your design is in good condition and ready for use.

What kind of vehicles can you design wraps for?

We design wraps for all kinds of vehicles and are excited to add more to our portfolio. Some examples of our past work have been trucks, trailers, busses, commercial fleets, boats, golf carts, ice cream trucks, and all types of cars.

What type of materials do you use for vehicle wraps?

We offer premium cast vinyl for our vehicle wraps, with matte or glossy options. Thanks to our trusted brands such as Avery, 3M, and Oracal, our wraps are high-quality and ensure that your vehicle’s design will stay shiny and bright for years to come.

Do you provide any other services/products?

We offer graphic lettering, signs, wall art, stickers, and window decals at Vinyl Lab NW. For all your design needs, we’re here to help you advertise. Check out our selections now and be blown away by our options.