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Keep your Tesla’s paint job shiny with paint protection film from Vinyl Lab Wraps! With time, the paint on your vehicle can become chipped, faded, or damaged. Avoid having to schedule a new paint job- our paint protection film will keep your vehicle in good hands for years to come. Not only will this preserve the appearance of your vehicle, but it can be a better option for your budget! Brave the weather with a paint job that will last. Vinyl Lab Wraps employs a team of certified STEK paint protection film installers who can help your vehicle stay bright and colorful for ten years or more! Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of paint protection film and how it can improve your vehicle’s appearance for years to come.

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The paint protection film we use has hydrophobic properties, meaning that it repels water and other liquids. Applying a thin layer of protective film on your car can save time, energy, and money on monthly car washes. Whether your car is parked outside, or on the go, you’ll be sure to make an impression with a shiny, beautifully preserved vehicle that is prepared to handle all types of weather conditions. Whether you’re looking to give your commercial vehicle a professional appearance or are trying to preserve the current paint job of your Tesla, Vinyl Lab Wraps is here to lend a hand!

Vinyl Lab Wraps offers Paint Protection Film by STEK!

We strive to provide clients with top-notch materials, so we chose STEK (Shield Technologies) for paint protection film. They are the leading innovator in the automotive film industry. Their film product was made for car enthusiasts who want an unrivaled appearance, uncompromised protection, and easy maintenance.

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STEK Paint Production Film on bright red car

Benefits of Paint Protection Film:

  1. Reduces the need for constant washing – If you love the way your car looks after a proper wash, you’ll love what paint protection film can do! Avoid spending time washing your car, our paint protection film will naturally repel dirt, grime, and dust, letting your vehicle stay shinier for longer!
  1. Improves your car’s resale value – Two of the most important traits that new car owners look for are mileage and quality. If your car’s paint job is vibrant and shiny, not only will it look more visually appealing, but customers will be more interested in making the purchase.

  1. Fade resistant – Paint protection film is resistant to weather and scratches and can also protect your vehicle from UV sun rays that can wear down your paint job over time. Avoid your paint job fading, our protective film will maintain your vehicle’s appearance.
  1. Efficient for your wallet – A new paint job can be very expensive. With paint protection film, your car will stay vibrant and shinier for longer, significantly reducing the need for a paint job.

  1. Prevents chemical reactions – Salt and sand can become kicked up from the ground and are abrasive to the paint of your car. Avoid rust and other chemical reactions with a protective paint job installed by Vinyl Lab Wraps.
  1. Provides invisible protection – The layer of protective urethane is transparent, letting the unique color of your vehicle shine through. This protects the coloring of your vehicle, preventing your vehicle from appearing muddled or dull.

  1. Offers healing properties – The film we use at Vinyl Lab Wraps protects your vehicle from surface-level damage. When it meets heat, the paint protection film will return to its lowest energy state. To heal your car from damage and scratches, use warm water to restore your car’s health.

Vinyl Lab Wraps can help your commercial vehicles, sports cars, and trucks look their very best! We proudly serve all types of models, such as Tesla, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. Make a great impression with a vehicle that is sure to wow others!

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