Ceramic Coating

As a vehicle owner, protecting the quality and lifespan of your vehicle wrap is a top priority! Throughout the years, prevent your vehicle’s vinyl wrap from becoming drab and dirty. Vinyl Lab NW installs ceramic coatings designed to repel water, dirt, mud, and chemicals. Throughout all types of weather, you can expect your vinyl wrap to still continue looking shiny and new. A vehicle wrap with a quality paint job will not only look great but can increase the value of your vehicle wrap if you ever choose to sell it or upgrade. Prioritize your vinyl wrap by selecting the best long-term option. Call Vinyl Lab Wraps today for a ceramic coating.

A ceramic coating is durable and an added layer of protection from hazards such as scraping, rocks, and other damage. With Washington’s unpredictable weather, this type of coating is a great option, helping you brave all types of climates. It is designed to keep your paint job intact from UV rays and fading, giving your vehicle wrap a clean shine wherever it goes. Not only is a ceramic coating an excellent way to protect your vinyl wrap from sun exposure, rain, and weathering, but it’s also better on your budget! Other maintenance options such as waxing will require consistent appointments and touchups, appointments that won’t be needed when you own a vehicle wrap with a ceramic coating.

Inquire about receiving a ceramic-coated wrap when you contact Vinyl Lab Wraps today. We provide free estimates on what kind of pricing you can expect. With our help, your vehicle and its wrap can stay intact for years.