Vinyl Lab Wraps offers Paint Protection Film produced by STEK

Vinyl Lab NW uses STEK (Shield Technologies) for car film protection. STEK is a leading innovator in the automotive film industry. Their film product was designed for car enthusiasts who want an unrivaled appearance, uncompromised protection, and easy maintenance. Their product line includes:

  • Gorgeous graphene-infused window tints.
  • Exclusive nano-ceramic-infused clear bras.
  • A distinctive assortment of protective fashion films.

If you want a high-quality color change that will endure years of daily driving wear and tear while maintaining resell value, you need STEK Fashion Films. The DYNOshield film Vinyl Lab Wraps uses are one of the glossiest, lowest textured, and most transparent Paint Protection Films on the market compared to most significant competitors. One of the favorite features of the STEK film is that it is simpler to keep your automobile clean. All STEK films have the HYDROphobe® ceramic coating infused at the molecular level, providing a highly hydrophobic surface that dirt and insects quickly rinse off. Another significant benefit is the peace of mind when driving with confidence is made possible by the knowledge that minor surface dings and scratches incurred during routine driving will eventually go away. In addition, the top-notch anti-contaminate and anti-yellowing technology repel other frequent Paint perps like acidic bug guts, deicer, and harmful UV rays.

At Vinyl Lab Wraps, we strive to offer the best film protection and make your car wrap dreams come true. If you drive a black vehicle, we recommend the DYNOblack film, also a Shield Technologies product. The film self-heals from scratches, has a hydrophobic nano-ceramic coating infused for simple maintenance and is backed by a 10-year warranty, in contrast to vinyl alternatives that typically only offer a 1-3 year warranty.

With STEK films hydrophobic designs like carbon fiber, forged carbon, camo, and Damascus or hues like Miami-blue, British Racing Green, Purple, and Prismatic color shift, you may individually style and protect your vehicle at the same time. Vinyl Lab Wraps even offers different smoked headlight Paint Protection Films! If you have any questions about our services or STEK Paint Protection Film, please call us.

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