Vinyl Lab Wraps offers Paint Protection Film produced by STEK in Seattle

If you’re a resident of Seattle and searching for reliable car film protection services, look no further than Vinyl Lab Wraps. We are proud to partner with STEK (Shield Technologies), a renowned leader in the automotive film industry, to offer you the best protection for your vehicle.

STEK is known for its innovation and commitment to delivering exceptional products. Designed with car enthusiasts in mind, their film solutions provide unmatched appearance, uncompromised protection, and hassle-free maintenance. So when protecting your car, STEK’s product line has you covered.
At Vinyl Lab Wraps, we offer a range of STEK products, including gorgeous graphene-infused window tints, exclusive nano-ceramic-infused clear bras, and a unique selection of protective fashion films. These products are perfect for those seeking a high-quality color change that can withstand daily driving wear and tear while maintaining the value of their vehicle.

One of the standout features of the STEK film we use is its exceptional quality. Compared to other significant competitors, our DYNOshield film is one of the glossiest, lowest textured, and most transparent Paint Protection Films available. Its sleek finish will enhance the look of your car while providing the protection it needs.

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What sets STEK films apart is their ease of maintenance. All STEK films come with HYDROphobe®️ ceramic coating infused at the molecular level. This advanced technology creates a highly hydrophobic surface that allows dirt and insects to be easily rinsed. So say goodbye to the struggles of keeping your automobile clean.
Driving with confidence is another benefit offered by STEK films. Minor surface dings and scratches incurred during routine driving will eventually disappear, giving you peace of mind. Moreover, STEK films have top-notch anti-contaminate and anti-yellowing technology that repels other common paint offenders like acidic bug guts, deicer, and harmful UV rays.

Vinyl Lab Wraps is dedicated to providing Seattle residents with the best film protection services. If you own a black vehicle, we highly recommend our DYNOblack film, another exceptional product from Shield Technologies. This film self-heals from scratches and features a hydrophobic nano-ceramic coating for easy maintenance. In addition, with a 10-year warranty, it surpasses vinyl alternatives that typically offer only 1-3 year warranties.

With STEK films, you can personalize and protect your vehicle simultaneously. Choose from hydrophobic designs like carbon fiber, forged carbon, camo, and Damascus, or explore captivating hues such as Miami blue, British racing Green, Purple, and prismatic color shift. We even offer smoked headlight Paint Protection Films for those looking to add a unique touch.

We are committed to making your car wrap dreams come true at Vinyl Lab Wraps. If you have any questions about our services or STEK Paint Protection Film, we’re here to help. Contact us today and discover why we are the trusted choice for car film protection in Seattle.