How to Get a Vehicle Wrap in Auburn: A Quick Guide

Vehicle wraps have become increasingly popular in Auburn, offering a cost-effective way to change the appearance of your car, truck, or van. Whether you’re looking to advertise your business or simply want a new look for your personal vehicle, this guide will walk you through the steps to successfully getting a vehicle wrap in Auburn.

Step 1: Research and Choose a Wrap Shop

Start your vehicle wrap journey by doing some research. Look for reputable wrap shops in Auburn with positive customer reviews and a portfolio of their work. Personal recommendations and online reviews can be invaluable in making your decision. Make sure the shop you choose has experience with the type of wrap you want – whether it’s a full wrap, partial wrap, or custom design.

Step 2: Consultation and Design

Once you’ve chosen a wrap shop, schedule a consultation. During this initial meeting, you’ll discuss your ideas, preferences, and budget. The shop will likely take measurements of your vehicle and provide you with design options. Whether you have a specific design in mind or need guidance, the shop’s designers can help bring your vision to life.

Step 3: Review and Approve the Design

Post-consultation, the design team will create a digital mock-up of your vehicle wrap. This is your chance to review the design and request any changes. Make sure to check all details, including colors, logos, and text alignment. Once you’re satisfied with the design, you’ll approve it and the shop will begin preparing the materials.

Step 4: Vehicle Preparation

Before the wrap can be applied, your vehicle needs to be clean and free from any debris or damage. The wrap shop may provide cleaning services, but it’s a good idea to confirm this during your consultation. If there are any dents, rust, or other imperfections on the vehicle, these may need to be addressed to ensure a smooth application.

Step 5: Wrapping Process

On the scheduled date, you’ll bring your vehicle to the shop for the wrapping process. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on the complexity of the design and the size of the vehicle. The technicians will carefully apply the vinyl wrap to ensure a seamless and professional finish.

Step 6: Final Inspection and Pickup

After the wrap is applied, the shop will conduct a final inspection to ensure everything looks perfect. You’ll have the opportunity to inspect the vehicle as well and ask any questions. If any touch-ups are needed, they’ll be handled before you drive away with your newly wrapped vehicle.

Step 7: Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance will help extend the life of your vehicle wrap. Most shops will provide you with care instructions, but generally, you’ll want to wash your vehicle regularly and avoid harsh chemicals or pressure washing. Parking in the shade whenever possible can also help preserve the wrap’s colors and condition.


Getting a vehicle wrap in Auburn is a straightforward process when you follow these steps. From researching and selecting a reputable wrap shop to maintaining your newly wrapped vehicle, each step is crucial for achieving a stunning and long-lasting result. With the right shop and a bit of preparation, your vehicle will have a fresh, new look in no time.

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